HD ON THE MOVE is part of the Helifilms group specialising in both aerial and ground based gyrostabilised filming.


Utilising the CINEFLEX V14 for unsurpassed stability, ‘HD on the move’ has taken this proven aerial camera system and moved forward to bring you an all terrain tracking system. Quick to assemble and configure, this tracking vehicle is able to shoot in the most difficult and demanding of city locations with ease and efficiency and with the open road and off-road capabilities make this an ideal addition to any location shoot.

HD ON THE MOVE incorporates the following equipment:

  • Sony HDC 1500 Camera
  • High Definition 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 Formats
  • Continuous 360 Degree Horizontal Field of View
  • 215 Degree Tilt Axis
  • Roll Axis
  • Full Off-Road Capabilities
  • Road Legal Configurations
  • Multiple Camera Positions Including JIB Arm
  • Onboard AC and DC Power Outlets
  • Wireless Film Assist

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